Aquaview Fencing Committed to Water Safety Education

Aquaview Fencing Committed to Water Safety Education

Lack of swimming ability, parental supervision, and protective barriers such as pool fences are the leading
factors that influence accidental swimming pool deaths, according to the Red Cross and The Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention.

Aquaview Fencing, in partnership with The National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA), Safer 3, and The
Consumer Product Safety Commission, is hosting a free, public event at the Brentwood Farmer’s Market on
Sunday, May 15, 2016 to highlight International Water Safety Day. Educational programs and first aid / CPR
demonstrations will be conducted, and guests will also enjoy live musical entertainment, children’s face
painting, and a collaborative painting mural.

“Accidents can be prevented with a glass fencing system that is modern, attractive and innovative,” said Jordan
Goodman, Founder and CEO of Aquaview Fencing. “Our Water Safety Day event will be a fun and enjoyable way to
learn how to enhance backyard pool safety and help stop drowning accidents.”

“Parents are looking to help ensure their children’s safety any way they can,” added Goodman. “We have developed
a product that can make the swimming season safer with an attractive enhancement for backyards.”

In the state of California, pool owners can be held legally liable for water related injuries that occur on their
property if safety code compliant barriers are not in place. Glass pool fences are a modern design solution that
enhance safety, decrease liability, and maintain architectural aesthetic on commercial and residential properties.

As the industry leader in frameless glass systems, Aquaview Fencing is committed to advocating for water safety
education and preventing accidental drowning deaths in Southern California.

For more information please visit Aquaview Fencing’s Water Safety website.

Join Aquaview Fencing on International Water Safety Day if you are in the Southern California area!

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