Mauritius Celebrates #IWSD

Mauritius Celebrates #IWSD

The tiny village of Tamarin (population 4,000) in Mauritius is at it again, celebrating International Water Safety Day with an array of teachings, exercises, and a little bit of training!  Tamarin is located on the west coast of Mauritius  An old fishing village, Tamarin beach has become a hot spot for surfing.  The southern spot, ‘Dal’, and the northern spot, “Black stone” are world renowned.

Thirty students, instructors, and volunteers gathered this morning.  The event was done in collaboration with the Tamarin Youth Centre, Tamarin Village Council, and Surf Lifesaving of Mauritius and sponsored by Rajesh Cooshna, President of the Tamarin Village Council and Viraj Ramharai, International Lifesaving Trainer and Water Wise Instructor.  Please see official press release below.

Viraj continues to spearhead drowning awareness and water safety education throughout Mauritius.  He recently implemented the NLRI’s Water Wise program where the students help train the younger generation, as you can see in the pictures below.

Next up!  From 1 June to 11th June  the Water Wise team will undergo intensive training for youth of Tamarin village.





Every hour of every day more than 40 people lose their lives to drowning. International Water Safety Day is designed to help spread global awareness of the ongoing drowning pandemic. The lack of water safety education has propelled drownings worldwide. Through interdependence, we can change that.

Surf Lifesaving Association of Mauritius in collaboration with Tamarin Youth Centre and Tamarin Village Council, have been celebrating the International Water Safety Day 2016 at Tamarin Beach. That event is normally celebrated on the 15th May, since 2012 Surf Life Saving has been celebrating this event in Mauritius.

We had 30 youths who participated at this event, they are from Tamarin Village and we had volunteer Lifesavers from Surf Lifesaving who assisted the youths during the event. Mr Francois Mondon from Reunion Island did teach the kids physical exercises before hitting the beach, Mr Oumesh Rajiah had ice breaking session, Mr Afzal Pheerungee and Salim Karimboksh organised the Beach Flag Competition. Miss Deepa Boodoo Youth Officer congratulates the youth for joining the event as well as showed their interest in Water Wise Project 400.

Mrs Mariline Henri (proactive parent in the WaterWise project from Tamarin) mentioned “Since WaterWise came to our village, our kids have been really attentive and very keen in learning more. Am proud that my son Yan forms part of the WaterWise Team”.

To wrap up the session WaterWise Youth Leaders Noah Victorine, Mariola Maison Rouge, Clarina Docile and Yan Mungar did welcome the new participants by educating them in WaterWise Education program.

“Our village has been educated in WaterWise and we are pleased to have such wonderful people around us in our village. Our pool of councillors have welcomed such project which is benefit for our youth of Tamarin” mentioned Mr Rajesh Cooshna President of Tamarin Village Council. “This is our 5th year we are organising the International Water Safety Day in Mauritius, unfortunately we couldn’t celebrate it in tomorrow, due to non availabilities of volunteers, we have celebrated it on the 14th May 2016. Every day we should celebrate the International Water Safety Day in Mauritius, this will keep our youth active. Very soon we are having the WaterWise Train the Trainer program which will be for our Volunteers Youth of Tamarin Village and Surf Lifesaving Volunteers only, and it is sponsored by Mr Peter Bacon and myself” says Viraj Ramharai who is the WaterWise project developer in Mauritius.

Our participants had a certificate of participation after the event today.