Water Safety Hero of the Week: Joseph Breeden

Water Safety Hero of the Week: Joseph Breeden

On August 31 in Glendale Arizona, 10-year-old Joseph Breeden was swimming in the pool at his apartment complex when he noticed a little boy floating face down. Wasting no time, he quickly grabbed him from the water and found help. The 3-year-old was apparently being watched but had removed his floaties. The following Tuesday, the Glendale Police Department held a ceremony at Challenger Middle School where Joseph was cheered on by his classmates. The police department and the school both gave Joseph certificates for saving the child’s life and a jersey of his favorite football player, Larry Fitzgerald.

Joseph said in his interview that he had, “never seen anyone floating like that.” This brings up a great point — understanding what a drowning victim looks like. Most are very quiet, which is why it’s called the “silent killer“.

Here are “8 Quiet Signs of Someone Drowning” from Reader’s Digest. Take a minute to educate yourself.

Joseph is our Water Safety Hero of the Week!

(Photo: Glendale Police Department)